SOME WORKSHOP TITLES........Self Esteem * A Healthy You *Femininity: The Nature of a Woman *Modesty: A measure of Propriety *Beauty: More than an Appealing Face


 Another Level For Women aggressively pursues a unique approach to addressing the problems of self-esteem issues, post abortion trauma, divorce, parenting, abuse, loneliness, addictions, incest, rape, financial difficulties, and more.  Not only providing services to those in crisis, but identifying and acknowledging issues that arise in a woman’s life. In addition to referrals, follow-up services, specific prevention education workshops, and mentoring; our step by step approach will include spiritual mothering.  We journey with each woman based on her individual need.  We reach the women in the High Desert cities through education and resources; and teach a multitude of skills to empower women to self-sufficiency.  

With the current state of the economy, more women are experiencing hardships, challenges, loss of income and resources more than ever before.  The woman who has never had to rely on welfare, food benefits, or finds herself without medical coverage for her children may not know where to begin.  The woman who has never had to look at price when shopping is suddenly unemployed.  The woman who was too busy, but now has time on her hands to reflect on things she covered up or “forgot” and becomes increasingly overwhelmed. 

INVISIBLE WOUNDS........Not all wounds are visible to the eye. There are some wounds that are buried so deep within us as women that we even forget that they are still there, but when that tender spot that covers that wound is touched by memory, a word, a sound, a smell, or even by another person, suddenly you remember just how painful that wound is and you begin to play out the battle all over in your mind and you bury the wound deeper inside of yourself…hoping that even God won’t remember that it’s there and say “you need to get healed of that, so that you can move to the next level of life that I have for you my child.” You can not undo what has been done in the past or in your present…but you and only you can prevent it from stopping you from moving  into your destiny, your future. You have the power to do that and the power is activated by your words and your choices. You determine where your life leads you from this point on.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE ME?...Women take on so many roles in the home, they become overwhelmed and bogged down with their daily tasks, at times feeling like there is no way out. Most have lost themselves;  giving so much of themselves to others. The nurturing side of women can be exploited; unfortunately by those they are nurturing, (husband, children, family members). We become the wife, the mother, the daughter, etc., all of these titles that describe who others know us as. So we have to go back and find ourselves. We, at ALFW, provide the assistance necessary to give women the tools needed to make the transformation; finding their purpose and peace of mind.

​Jesus said, “Daughter, your faith has made you whole” (nothing broken, nothing missing.) Mark 5: 34

  *"What Does it mean to be me?  Invisible Wounds. - Contributed by Rosalind Banfield


   I am beautiful because I know who I am and what I can become