Are You READY and WILLING to make                       a change?

Then ALFW is the logical first step for you if you are seeking to change your current situation.  It's time to go to Another Level and we are Here to Help!

ALFW  believes in empowering women through financial literacy education.  We help women to gain control of their finances by learning and applying new information. You can learn how to "Pay yourself first", apply budgeting concepts and set priorities with a Life Coach. Embark on the path to improving and maintaining good credit.  Workshops such as "How to survive a job loss" gives real information and tangible tips.

ALFW agressively pursues a unique approach to addressing the problems of self-esteem issues, post abortion trauma, divorce, parenting, abuse, loneliness, addictions, incest, rape, financial difficulties, and more.  With our step by step approach we journey with each woman based on her individual need; identifying and acknowledging issues that arise in a woman's life. Transforming and restoring each woman to a place of wholeness and hope.

This program teaches basic job preparation skills for the woman making a transition from public assistance to self sufficiency, as well as advancement training for the woman who wants to increase her skills to qualify for a better position.  Learn what not to say and do in an interview, how to dress for success,the adjustments that need to be made to keep the job once you are hired, and much more.

A family's health is sorely affected when necessary utilities are turned off during the extreme summer and winter months in the High Desert. An unpaid utility bill can lead to uninhabitable living conditions, homeless families, and children being removed from homes. "Help Without Hoops" funds are made available to assist clients whose utilities have been turned off or are in jeopardy of being disconnected.


       EMPLOYMENT PREPARATION                                     Program

TRANSFORMATION                     Program


"HELP WITHOUT HOOPS"                    Program