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Utility Assistance Workshops are every Tuesday & Thursday

9:00 am - 11:30 am   

*starts promptly , no late arrivals please

 bring ALL required documents



“HELP WITHOUT HOOPS” PROGRAM   Utility Assistance & Financial Literacy Program – “Help without Hoops”   A family’s health is sorely affected when necessary utilities are turned off during the extreme summer or winter seasons in the High Desert.  Women with children, especially extremely low-income individuals are without options when water, electricity, or gas is disconnected.  There is a physical and psychological burden placed on the individual in need.  Help without Hoops Funds are made available to assist clients whose utilities have been turned off or are in jeopardy of being disconnected.  

​There is a HUGE need in the high Desert Community for Utility Assistance Programs to help women with children to prevent homelessness and uninhabitable living conditions. The “Help without Hoops” process is streamlined to eliminate “hoops without help” that some programs may currently require.  We guide clients through the process. If needed, we assist with navigating to other sources of assistance. Currently, the primary resource for emergency utility assistance is not available locally, and is therefore inaccessible to the resident without transportation. Through collaborative efforts, clients can apply for the assistance at our office location; allowing clients to access applications locally. We provide this as a service to the community. Donated funds and Grant funding is used for utility assitance disbursement to qualified clients. Candidates complete a Utility Assistance application, meet with an ALFW representative for intake, needs are assessed, and qualified clients receive funds payable to the utility company to have utilities restored or prevent disconnection.

Help without Hoops is a process to reduce the time frames in which applicants are processed and assistance received.  A requirement of the program is participation in a financial literacy workshop.  Women who present for assistance are qualified and have their need verified.  An applicant may utilize the HELP WITHOUT HOOPS Utility Assistance Program up to 1 time per year.  


  • Complete” Help Without Hoops” Utility Assistance Application
  • HEAP Qualified clients complete HEAP application. Bring HEAP required documents

  • Meet with ALFW Representative

  • Original Utility Bill(s) (usage shown) Electric, Gas, (Water if applicable)

  • A Valid Form of Identification

  • Address Verification/Proof of Income

  • Attend Financial Literacy Workshop Series