Employment Preparation Program

This program teaches basic job preparation skills for the woman making a transition from public assistance to self-sufficiency; as well as advancement training for the woman who wants to increase her skills to qualify for a better position.  This Job Readiness training is also for the Unemployed and Underemployed to prepare for livable wage jobs and provide stable employment opportunities for the chronically unemployed, by building pathways to a livable wage job. The program provides fast track training and job training for the woman who is ready to enter the workforce.  By building fundamental work skills combined with comprehensive supportive services for women facing significant life barriers and challenges to entering the labor force.  Included in this preparation is career counseling, personal financial management skills, interview skills, resume building, as well as case management and other relevant supportive service. Participants learn what to say and do in the interview, how to dress for success, how to make adjustments to keep the job once they are hired, and much more.