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No one ever intends to struggle financially or otherwise........

A number of women begin working as adolescents, starting on the path of independence and financial stability. However, they experience life events that serve as major obstacles to achieving financial security and optimum emotional health. This was Ammie’s story. Although an experienced professional after many years in the workforce; she chose to become a full time mother before her last child was born. Several years later, events unfolded that propelled her into single motherhood. As an unemployed, single mother of 4 children, while navigating emotionally, she struggled financially and found it necessary to seek out community resources. While actively seeking to change her financial situation, she was faced with the disconnection of a utility! During this time of crisis, she experienced stress and emotional upheaval; all while caring for children; relying only on her faith as a guide. She found some resources that offered HOPE, and then was told….”You don’t qualify.” It was a revelation to realize that with no/low income she qualified for so few programs, and once employed she was disqualified for many programs although she still needed assistance. Through this journey, her eyes were opened to women’s struggles for resources, assistance, information, and emotional support. She began to support and was supported by other mothers she met who were struggling with similar issues. She became passionate about helping women navigate obstacles, and sharing resources and financial literacy information. This was the beginning of the vision, and Ammie Hines founded Another Level For Women in 2010.  Ammie's hope is that women of all ages will be empowered with knowledge and education to avoid dangerous situations, learn new skills and behaviors, become ready and willing to make a change, and pass it forward to mentor their families and other women.  Our goal is to transform women to a place of wholeness in every aspect of their life and lifestyle. 

ALFW serves women by providing utility assistance; financial literacy, employment preparation, and self esteem workshops at no cost to low-income women.  We specifically assist women in finding and learning new information, behaviors, and skills, while renewing their minds through the Word of God. We provide support services as well as educational and life skills, along with a wide range of community resources. We serve families regardless of income and without discrimination. At ALFW women of all ages, ethnicities, and socioeconomic levels are welcomed into a safe, nurturing, nonjudgmental atmosphere. We are here to help women in the community empower themselves and their families by providing the tools to accomplish their goals.

Our success is defined by the changes in awareness, knowledge, and attitudes we see in ourselves, our staff, and the women we serve. We meet the women where they are, and help them go to another level.  When a woman is transformed with even a small change, we know it impacts her children and family too! Recognizing the powerful position that women are placed in as they impact the lives of their families and communities; we are a source of resources to provide answers, support, and encouragement.  We collaborate with other local non-profits, Department of Social Services, local law enforcement, district attorney, hospitals, health care providers, schools, churches, community groups and agencies.  ALFW is committed to providing utility assistance to our clients. We know that keeping the lights and gas on can prevent homelessness, uninhabitable living conditions, and children being removed from homes. So each time we pay a bill and teach a financial literacy class we are making a huge difference for a family.

“When Jesus saw her, he called her forward and said to her, Woman you are set free from your infirmity.” Luke 13:12 NIV

Ammie's Hope

Who we are

Another Level For Women is a faith based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial, emotional, and educational support services for women in our community, particularly extremely low-income women with children.  By alleviating the devastating aftereffects of unaddressed issues, we can help to end the cycles of family destruction that can occur throughout generations, by helping women heal.  


Women develop a sense of purpose. A woman who is whole, restored, free is an asset to her family, her community, and all those who encounter her, she can bring wholeness, restoration, and freedom into situations and lives. She carries her children into her transformation. Her life, her individual personal story is a living testimony of love, healing, and encouragement!